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Buy L$ Safe, Simple, Fair

Buy L$ Safe, Simple, Fair

Buy L$ here without Creditcard!

Choose the preferred amount in L$, and pay fast through Safetypay, Visa, Mastercard or Paysafecard. This site is entirely in English. Do you have questions or remarks? Ask for help from a DX agent.


The 2015 DX Eastern Egg hunt.

The DXexchange eastern raffle with a prize of 1000L$  was won by AmiciUmbra.

Congratulations AmiciUmbra

And thanks to all of you who have been collecting the eggs !

On the 4th of April untill the 6th April when it is eastern you will able to click the eastern eggs.

The eggs will ask you to solve a little calculation and then reward you with an amount of L$.

After you have found 5 DX Eastern Eggs you will get a entry in the DX exchange Eastern Raffle. On the 7th of April a winner will randomly be choosen. The winner wins the prize of 1000L$.

Each egg can be clicked only once. Eggs can be found on the various DX locations and on locations of our partners. (You can find the slurl's to those on the DX websites

Each Egg will hide itself for a short amount of time after clicked. So that you won't see any eggs, does not mean there are not any!

Cashu and alipay

The DXexchange team has added the Cashu payment method and alipay.

US Dollar rate

As you all probably noticed the US dollar is rapidly increasing in Price against the Euro. From now on we will weekly adapt the price of the L$ accordingly.

DXexchange Marketplace

DXexchange launches a new marketplace for Top designers inSL.
We congrat Wanted Earst to be the first to join with his label ‘Wanted Creation’.
Be the first to buy one of his nice shirts or fabulous suits.
Find our store here:

Buy L$ with your bank account !

UseMyServices enables bank payments with chase and Well Cargo.

Mexican customers can use this payment method to pay with their bank account on Banorte, Bancomer, Banamex, HSBC or Santander.

See the complete list of availiable banks at UseMyServices


Authorized reseller status!

Dear Costumers,

Today, 31 May 2013, DXexchange has been approved as an 'Authorized Reseller'.

This means that  from today on we are authorized to sell Linden Dollars to you, as many of our compettitors.

This status offers nothing new, but provides Linden Lab a better tool to monitor the flow of Linden Dollars and offers

the Residents of Second Life a warranty that Lindens purchased at an 'Authorized Reseller' is in compliance with the TOS of Second Life.

Buying Linden Dollars outside the Lindex or the 'Authorized Reseller Program is prohibited for all Residents but in

particular for the authorized resellers. Residents offering Linden Dollars for sale, in whatever way are in breach of

the TOS and will be reported to Linden Lab. Linden Lab will remove the Lindens and take action with the account that sent them to us.

We have adapted our Terms of use to be in compliance with that policy.


thank you all for your patience and trust!